Hi! I’m Matthew and I’ve been a maker for just about my entire life. I discovered my passion way back in elementary school and have been on a lifelong journey of learning ever since. That journey led me to getting an EECS degree at UC Berkeley where I learned a hell of a lot and realized just how much there’s still left to learn. For now I’m working in industry, having lots of fun but also making sure not to overwork myself too much. I don’t have quite as much time for personal projects anymore, but that’s the price of trying to make a living.

I created this blog so that I may finally document my journey. Human memory isn’t perfect and it’ll be pretty awesome to scroll back and say, “Hey! I did that!” Heck, I already do that when looking at my camera roll. I hope to also inspire others who are on a similar path and perhaps be the mentor I wish I had growing up. Since I believe guarding knowledge impedes societal progress, everything I do here will be as free and open-source as possible.

This site will likely be hosted on Github Pages which will free up my home server for some fun shenanigans. Check out matthewtran.com to see what I’m doing there.