Recent Posts

Basic CH32V Zephyr Support

Added core support for the CH32X035 along with USB FS, USB PD, ADC, and UART drivers. Supporting other CH32V parts will be relatively straightforward.


First time using a RISC-V microcontroller, iCE40 FPGA, and an LTC2320 ADC. It streams 8 channels of differential 16-bit 48kHz ADC readings over USB as audio.

Basic LPC845 Zephyr Support

While still lacking in many features, I’ve added just enough support to get the LPC845-BRK and my own LIN breakout working.

OSRO (Open-Source Reflow Oven)

An easy to deploy hardware and software solution for converting any oven into a Wi-Fi enabled reflow oven. This is just one.

Lightsaber v5

With much more experience under my belt, I challenged myself both in size and processing power in the next version of my lightsaber.


First time trying solar power, PIC, and FRAM.

Revisiting Tag-Connect

Recreating patented technology yet again but this time using OSH Park for the PCBs.


First try at a BLE project with the Pi Pico W since SDK support was recently added.


A breakout for the FT4232H so I can do JTAG/SWD.


A compiled list of the cheatsheets I made while at Berkeley.

Moving to Jekyll

After several years on WordPress, I realized my use case would be better suited for a static generator like Jekyll. To better maintainability and security!