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Getting Started With PetaLinux

A rough guide to getting Linux booted on Zynq using Vivado and PetaLinux written by someone taking their first steps into that wonderful world.


My first legitimately useful open source project, stbridge is a Python wrapper for the STLINK-V3’s bridge API.

2020 Courses

It’s a bit much to make a post for every single class I take, so here’s all the major courses I took during Spring 2020 and Fall 2020.


A low cost compact device that provides APRS messaging capabilities to cheap HAM radios.

Simple EEPROM Wear Leveling

A one bit overhead wear leveling algorithm for storing fixed size data in EEPROM. Based on Danny Chouinard’s work.

PCB Agitator

This glorified camera slider halves my etch times and improves etching consistency all in an overkill but stylish form factor.

Tinkering With QTouch

Just a short little tutorial about getting a basic QTouch example up and running.

Custom Black Magic Probe

The Black Magic Probe is a pretty interesting open source ARM debugger project, so I decided to modify the existing design and make one myself.

DIY Tag-Connect Cable

While browsing through KiCad, I learned about the clever Tag-Connect system. Given the high cost, I decided to replicate the design for myself.

Custom ST-Link V2-1

After my ST-Link V2 clone broke, I scoured the web for a way to build one from scratch. I ended up with a custom ST-Link with built-in UART VCP.

UR@B Battery Pack

For a first try, not a terrible attempt at designing my own battery pack for UR@B. It did save quite a bit of money.


The logical next step to Concept Micromouse v1. I still haven’t gotten to full maze solving, but it’s a step forward.