Going into industry and college, I did not expect the sheer number of things that I wanted to try learning. Rather than tossing everything onto a poorly organized sticky note, I figured it’s probably best to put it in a publicly visible less poorly organized page. Full disclosure, I still use a sticky note.

High-Priority Projects

Projects I’ll get to next.

  • hardware
    • solder dispenser - level up from the tweezer and hand-squeezed syringe
    • word watch - inspired by those word clocks
    • wireless solar keyboard - full size, swappable keys, ch32 w/ nrf24, solar powered, usable in UEFI/BIOS
    • Linux board - probably an NXP or STM32 chip, maybe a Zynq
  • software
    • autodbconv - LDF/DBC parser built in Rust
    • JABI mobile apps - built in Flutter for cross-platform deploy
    • ePaper Zephyr support - made a breakout board a while ago, try adding to Zephyr
    • CAN/LIN DFU for Zephyr - perhaps build it on UDS or devise custom protocol
    • MCUboot FSBL - updatable bootloader!
    • bootloader dynamic linking - app calls functions provided by bootloader to save flash
    • acoustic keylogger - lots of articles online, seems interesting

Future Projects

Projects I’ll get to once I finish the others.

  • CNC v2 - do it properly this time, make sure it can cut metal
  • 3D printer - silent, fast, use linear rails
  • Nerf Gun - precise, magazine fed, mountable and electric
  • Auto Nerf Turret - become a Jedi with a reobot deliberately shooting at your lightsaber
  • Robotic Actuator - improve the one I designed in 2017
  • Sine Wave Encoder - worked with these before so document it
  • Solder Station - try doing what GreatScott did and make a cheap good one
  • Solder Paste Dispenser - auto squeezing, maybe throw it on a 3D printer and integrate with KiCad
  • Pick and Place Machine - auto placing, deep integration with KiCad
  • Closed Loop Current Clamp -
  • Isolated Differential Oscilloscope Probe
  • Phased Array Receiver - basically a compass for radio signals
  • Drone - make one, make autonomous, make many
  • Haptic Touchpad - basically a Macbook trackpad
  • Expandable Cellular Automata - Conway’s Game of Life, infinitely expandable, configurable init states
  • Self-balancing Robot - super simple but I’ve never done it
  • Hacked Labelmaker - hack Dymo and make it print whatever we want with a proper desktop app
  • Microphone Triangulation - like the EE16A lab but an actual product
  • Component Storage System - storing a bunch of bags in a box is not a solution
  • Zynq breakout
  • Intel SoC breakout
  • CAN Sniffer - no cutting wires,, inject a signal too?
  • Zephyr USB Rubber Ducky - make a USB HS board first
  • Pi Zero Cluster - got lots of them lying around, no SD cards
  • SDR - deploy the BLE/802.15.4 Chisel code you wrote (zero IF?)

Stuff to Learn

Things I have to come up with a project for.

  • Linux
    • Buildroot
    • Yocto
    • kernel drivers
    • mmap
  • AI/ML
    • Tensorflow Lite
  • app dev
    • Android - Kotlin
    • iOS - Swift
    • Flutter - Dart
  • web
    • WebUSB
    • WebSockets
    • WebAssembly
  • high speed
    • DDR, Gigabit, PCIe
    • RF front-end design
    • QAM
  • digital design
    • VHDL
    • FPU design
    • DRAM driver
  • controls
    • FOC motor control
    • Kalman filters
  • protocols
    • SIM card
    • PCIe
    • POE
  • other
    • embedded Rust
    • lwIP
    • LVGL