Recent Posts

Concept Micromouse v1

With a week of winter break left, I tried my hand at designing a concept Micromouse to inspire our next generation of Micromouses for the DeCal.

Setting Up the CAN Bus on STM32

A little how-to on the basics of getting the CAN bus up and running on an STM32 microcontroller using Mbed or STM32CubeIDE.

BSWelder v1

It’s about time I stop soldering wires directly to lithium batteries so I salvaged a microwave transformer to make a cheap battery spot welder.

ATtiny10 - Tiny, Low-Cost MCU

Curiosity about the cheapest Atmel MCU led to the ATtiny10. Despite what at first may seem like severe limitations, it’s pretty capable.

Server Upgrade!

I started off my winter break by finally upgrading the Pi 3 that had been powering my website to a proper x86-64 server.


Just for fun, I wrote a simulator for the flood fill algorithm for the Micromouse DeCal I helped teach this semester.

CS170 Final Project

The thrilling final project for CS170 tasked us with finding the best algorithm for approximating the optimal solution for an NP-hard problem.

CS61C - Computer Architecture

A course with a bit of an information overload about the big ideas of computer architecture that ended up being one of my favorite courses.