Recent Posts

Wireless Accelerometer

Curiosity as to the identity of a mystery accelerometer taught me about logic analyzers, the ATtiny817, and low level communication with the nRF24l01+.

Arc Lighter v2

Turned a leftover arc lighter kit into an even smaller version of my first one.

Arc Lighter v1

What better way to light things on fire than with electricity?

TPS61201 - 3.3v Booster

A nifty little chip whose versatile features gave it a very warm welcome into my parts bin.

PCB Laminator

After trying basically every other method in the book, I finally made a tool that allowed me to make PCBs at home easily, reliably, and precisely.


A brief overview of the voice controlled robot that took up most of the semester’s lab time.

Micromouse DeCal

A class on the Micromouse competition. Map out a maze, solve it, then speed through it.