Recent Posts

Lightsaber v1.5

Just for fun, I built another lightsaber as a test platform for different hilt designs and blade mounting ideas.

Lightsaber v1

With a reignited love of Star Wars, I got to work building my very own lightsaber in true Jedi fashion.

Robo-Cross 2015

Just a brief overview of what Muscatel did for Robo-Cross in 2015. With the time that I had, I helped somewhat.

PVC Compound Bow

Something fun I put together after I built a regular PVC bow.


During the Hunger Games craze back in the day, I decided to take a look at archery. I ended up with something I want to do for a lifetime.

Mobile RC Robot Arm

During the summer before high school, I decided to try my hand at making my very own robot. It was the perfect opportunity to try a bunch of new things.

Lego Crossbow

I’ve been playing with Lego for as long as I can remember. This was one of my favorite builds and surprisingly still intact today.

Robo-Cross 2014

An exciting event that came in from rotation that marked the start of my tinkering with robotics.

Coil Gun v2

After finishing v1, I decided to crank things up and make a six-stage one. It was big, bulky, and barely functional, but a lot of fun to operate.

Coil Gun v1

One of my earliest projects. It bridged my love of Lego guns with my newfound passion of electrical engineering.

Gaming Computer

For my birthday, I asked my dad if I could build my very own gaming computer. He said yes.