Recent Posts

Robot Arm 2017

Tasked with the manipulation of stacks of pennies, I went through 4 revisions of robot arms before I had one good enough for the National competition.

Electric Vehicle 2017

My attempt at an Electric Vehicle for the SciOly 2017 season which, due to a few key mistakes, did fail.


For our Physics 2 project, we had to build a wooden tower based off the year’s SciOly rules. For a first try, I didn’t do too bad.

Lightsaber v3

The perfect addition to any Star War fan’s lightsaber collection. Also one of my favorite projects and it has stayed working for far longer than I expected.

Coil Gun v3

With more experience around my belt, I decided to try my hand at making another coil gun, but this time smaller and without the long charge times.

Electric Vehicle 2016

For the SciOly 2016 season, I built an Electric Vehicle and optimized multiple factors to maximize speed while maintaining accuracy.

Robot Arm 2016

During my first year in the Troy SciOly team, I had a really fun experience building and competing with my robot arm. It was the perfect event for me.

Lightsaber v2

Excited with the completion of v1, I challenged myself to build another lightsaber, but this time using the crossguard style. Also, it had to be red.

Lightsaber v1.5

Just for fun, I built another lightsaber as a test platform for different hilt designs and blade mounting ideas.

Lightsaber v1

With a reignited love of Star Wars, I got to work building my very own lightsaber in true Jedi fashion.

Robo-Cross 2015

Just a brief overview of what Muscatel did for Robo-Cross in 2015. With the time that I had, I helped somewhat.

PVC Compound Bow

Something fun I put together after I built a regular PVC bow.