Mousetrap Vehicle

Written 8-31-19

One of the projects we did in Physics C was to build a mousetrap vehicle that followed the SciOly rules that year. I had to work on Mission Possible and Hovercraft so I didn’t spend too much time adjusting my vehicle to be super accurate. I did get it to be pretty fast though. An unintended side effect of my design was that the aesthetics ended up being pretty on point (according to friends).

I designed my own wheels to reduce weight as much as possible, using tires from some wheels I bought from Pololu awhile ago. The base plate was CNC milled from the carbon fiber plate I used for Electric Vehicle.

The goal of the mousetrap vehicle was to push a cup forward a certain and then reverse and stop at a certain point. At first I tried using one mousetrap for forward and then another for backward, which didn’t work very well. I switched back to the traditional method of using both mousetraps together and just switching the wrapping direction of the string.

wheels donated!