Recent Posts

Pi Zero W USB Dongle

All the power, convenience, and GPIO of a Raspberry Pi in the compact form factor of a USB stick.

Pi Zero Gameboy

A functional and fun Pi Zero powered Gameboy to relive some nostalgic memories.

STM32 Gaming Keypad

A fun little keypad mostly used to make sure I don’t break my keyboard with how much gaming I do.

Mission Possible 2018

For the SciOly 2018 season, I tackled the numerous challenges involved in making a device for the Mission Possible event and placed 2nd at Nationals.

Hovercraft 2018

For the SciOly 2018 season, the numerous rule changes for the Hovercraft event proved a fun and respectable challenge.

Cardboard Chair

Ergonomic, economical, and manufacturable - these were the design goals of the cardboard chair for our final project in IB Design Tech.

PCB Reflow Oven

Repurposing a toaster oven that’s older than I am to help out with reflow soldering.

Lightsaber v4

With a bit of free time and a bunch of parts I had lying around, I constructed the 4th iteration of my lightsaber.

Salad Tongs

Star Wars themed salad tongs I made during IB Design Tech.