Gaming Computer

Written 10-8-19

All the way back in 2013, I asked my dad if I could build a gaming computer for my birthday. I always had a tendency to ask my parents to fund my projects as my birthday present. My dad happily obliged because building a computer is a pretty good skill to have. If I remember correctly, my budget was somewhere in the range of $600 and I definitely made the most of it. The main specs to note are that it had an i5-3570k and Radeon HD 7850. Since building a computer is basically like Lego, I won’t bore you with the details.

Over the years, I’ve made numerous upgrades to my setup. I’ve upgraded to a GTX 970. I’ve upgraded to a 27″ Dell U2715H monitor. I moved over to an SSD. I even bought a mechanical keyboard. Just a bunch of things to keep the computer up to date with the latest workloads I’d throw at it and improve the user experience. This computer really has been through quite a lot with me and has been invaluable as I’ve furthered my passion.