Written 10-8-19

Likely due to the Hunger Games craze back in the day, I really wanted to get into archery. Throughout my childhood and even now, I haven’t ever shown much interest in sports. For some reason, I was immediately drawn to archery when I found out about it. Later on, I realized that as an engineer at heart, I liked archery because I had to interact with a tool that I could endlessly tinker with and improve.

Since I didn’t know if archery was just a phase or a lifelong hobby, I decided to build my own bow first. Going off online tutorials, I bought a couple of fiberglass rods to make the core of the bow and some arrows out of. Paracord served as the bowstring, although I later replaced it with a custom bowstring made of fishing line. The draw weight was about 40lb. which was heavy, but I got used to it. Here’s the one video I got of it.

It’s safe to say that I knew I was going to be doing archery for a long time after that.