Hello World!

Hi! I’m Matthew Tran and I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember. I’m currently an EECS major at UC Berkeley, pursuing my passion for all things electrical engineering and computer science. After years of tinkering and building things, I’ve finally decided to start a blog to document most of what I’ve done and perhaps be a stepping off point to inspire and help others. I’m endlessly fascinated by what I do and would love to share that with everyone.

Every post before this one will be my attempt at retracing all the knowledge I’ve gained (and fun I’ve had :P) over the past couple years. It feels a bit weird to write things from the perspective of my younger self, so I’ll write about everything with the perspective of hindsight. For dates, I’m using rough approximations instead of today’s date because it’ll be pretty cool to scroll back and say, “Hey! I did that way back then!”